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Genealogy Research
Where do you come from?  Did your ancestors live in Jamestown?  Did they fight in the American Revolutionary War?  Or were they refugees of the potato famine?  Do you want to know about your ancestors and pass your unique family history on to your children?  With over ten years of successful genealogy research and many years as an administrator for an Internet family genealogy research website,  I'll help you start your genealogy research, assist you at any stage of your research or do the research for you on any surname.  Genealogy research is a time consuming job.  Not everyone has the time or skills necessary to find their ancestors.  Let me help you 
experience the special joy of knowing your ancestors and build your family tree!  First two hours of research is free!  After that it is only $10.00 an hour!  For more information email Nancy at
This heirloom book has everything needed to let family and friends learn about you and your family's ancestry!  Write about your life in your own words!  Perfect as a family heirloom to be passed down to generations!   "My Life" features sections where you can describe where you were born, lived, worked, educated, places you have visited, your hobbies, special events, recognitions and much more.  "My Heritage" features plenty of space for showcasing your ancestors such as your
great-great-great grandparents.  Pages for photos, documents and
mementos are also included.  The high quality paper is acid free and is a pale sage color.   The high quality card stock paper for photos is
also acid free and is a parchtone color.  The cover is dark brown suede like material with an old fashion binding where ribbon or cord holds pages together.  No metal used.  Front label says "My Life And Heritage".  Sized for 8 1/2 x 11 paper.  There are 57 pages.   Book comes in a protective plastic bag.  "My Life And Heritage" book is $20.00 which includes shipping.  To order email Nancy at  
Payment is through PayPal.  After ordering, click on the "Contact Us"
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" My Life And Heritage"